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Senya CA-113 Car Charger – Powering Your Devices on the Go!

Key Features:

Model: CA-113– The CA-113 Car Charger by Senya is designed to deliver smart and efficient charging for your devices, ensuring you stay connected while on the move.

Colour: White – Elegant and Timeless Design: The white color adds an elegant touch to the car charger’s design, making it a timeless and stylish addition to your car accessories.

Type:  With a Micro USB interface, this car charger is versatile and compatible with a wide range of devices, making it a must-have for all your charging needs.

Power: The 2.4A power output ensures rapid charging, providing a quick power boost to your devices while you’re on the road.

Input: The car charger supports a universal input voltage range of DC12-24V, making it compatible with most car systems.

Output: With an output of DC5V-2.4A, this car charger delivers a fast and efficient charge to your devices, ensuring they are ready when you need them.

Quality and Safety Standards:  Senya takes pride in its commitment to quality and safety. The CA-113 Car Charger has undergone 49 production technologies, 26 safety tests, and a strict 72-hour defect test. It is made with fire-safe materials and adheres to high-quality standards.

Optimal Charging for Every Device: The car charger intelligently matches the current to provide optimal charging for a variety of devices, including Apple devices, Android devices, smartphones, tablets, and more.

Protection: The CA-113 Car Charger comes equipped with various protective features, including Over-Voltage Protection, Over-Charging Protection, Temperature Protection, Over-Current Protection, and built-in multiple circuit protection.

Upgrade your car charging experience with the Senya CA-113 Car Charger – where efficiency meets reliability. Stay connected and powered up on the go! Get yours now.


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