Oteam SA-80 Charger


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    • Protection
    • Adaptive Fast Charge
    • Ultra-Compact Design

Senya SA-80 Charger – Fast, Portable, and Secure Charging!

Key Features:

Model: Oteam SA-80- Experience the efficiency of adaptive fast charging with the Oteam SA-80, ensuring your devices receive the power they need swiftly.

Type: With dual Micro USB ports, this charger offers versatile connectivity, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Colour: The white color adds a touch of sophistication to the charger’s design, making it a sleek and elegant addition to your charging setup.

Protection: The Oteam SA-80 comes equipped with a range of protective features, including Overload Protection, Mega Thermal Protection, Voltage Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and Overcharge Protection.

Adaptive Fast Charging: Benefit from adaptive fast charging technology that adjusts to the power requirements of your devices, delivering efficient and rapid charging.

Charging Convenience On the Go: Designed for portability, the Oteam SA-80 is easy to carry, making it a perfect companion for your charging needs on the go.

Style Meets Safety: Enjoy a combination of fashion and safety with this charger. The high-quality build ensures both performance and safety in every use.

Reliable Charging Solution: Count on high-performance charging to keep your devices powered up and ready for action.

Upgrade your charging experience with the Oteam SA-80 Charger – where speed, style, and safety converge. Get yours now for fast, portable, and secure charging!


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