Senya SH-35 Gaming Earphone


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      • Hang up: Press once
      • Reject calls: Long press
      • Increase volume: Press once
      • Previous song: Press three times
      • Next song: Press twice
      • Fast forward: Hold twice
      • Back off: Press three times

Senya SH-35 Gaming Earphone – Immerse Yourself in Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Quality!

Key Features:

Model: SH-35 –Immerse yourself in gaming with the Senya SH-35 Gaming Earphone. Designed with precision for gaming enthusiasts, this earphone is equipped with a 2.5mm Jack and Type-C connector for versatile compatibility.

Universal Connectivity: Enjoy universal connectivity with the 2.5mm Jack and Type-C connector options. The Senya SH-35 ensures compatibility with various devices, enhancing your gaming experience.

Speaker Size: Immerse yourself in precision audio delivery with the 10mm speaker size of the Senya SH-35. Enjoy a rich gaming experience with hi-fi stereo sound quality.

Wire Length: Enjoy optimal freedom of movement with a convenient wire length of 120cm. The Senya SH-35 ensures flexibility during gaming sessions, providing comfort and convenience.

Frequency Range: Experience the full spectrum of audio with a frequency range of 18-20,000Hz. The Senya SH-35 ensures that every nuance of your gaming audio is crystal clear, providing an immersive experience.

Impedance: Achieve optimal sound balance with an impedance of 32 ohms. The Senya SH-35 is tuned for gaming excellence, delivering clear and powerful audio.

Sensitivity: Enjoy crisp and clear sound with a sensitivity of 116+3dB. The Senya SH-35 ensures that you catch every detail of the game, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Excellence in Sound: Immerse yourself in excellence in sound with hi-fi stereo sound quality and HD microphone sound quality. The Senya SH-35 is designed to deliver an exceptional audio experience during gaming sessions.

Immerse yourself in the world of gaming with the Senya SH-35 Gaming Earphone. Choose the variant that suits your gaming setup and order your pair now for an unparalleled audio experience!


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