Senya SH-37 Handsfree


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      • Hang up: Press once
      • Reject calls: Long press
      • Increase volume: Press once
      • Previous song: Press three times
      • Next song: Press twice
      • Fast forward: Hold twice
      • Back off: Press three times

Senya SH-37 Handsfree – Elevate Your Audio Experience with Extra Bass and Comfortable Design!

Key Features:

Model: SH-37 –Immerse yourself in an exceptional audio experience with the Senya SH-37 Handsfree. Choose from sleek Black, vibrant Blue, gentle Light Pink, or stylish Silver to match your style.

Line Size: Enjoy optimal freedom with a convenient 1.2m in-ear line size. The Senya SH-37 ensures flexibility during use, providing comfort and convenience for all your audio activities.

Wire: Constructed with TPE Teeth, the Senya SH-37 ensures durability and resilience for prolonged usage. This feature enhances the longevity of your handsfree experience.

Impedance:: Achieve optimal sound balance with an impedance of 16 plus or minus 15%. The Senya SH-37 delivers a powerful audio experience without compromising on clarity.

Sensitivity: Enjoy crisp and clear sound with a sensitivity of 98dV/MW. The Senya SH-37 ensures that every beat and note is delivered with precision.

Seamless Call Control: Stay connected with the tuning function and mic. The Senya SH-37 allows for hands-free calls, ensuring convenience and ease of use.

Universal Compatibility: The 3.5mm plug diameter of the Senya SH-37 ensures universal compatibility with various devices, providing seamless integration for your audio needs.

Versatile Functionality:

  • Experience extra bass for a heightened audio experience.
  • Enjoy hands-free calls for added convenience.
  • Benefit from easy operation with wired control, providing a seamless user experience.

Ideal for Extended Use: The Senya SH-37 is designed for comfort during extended use, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable audio experience.

Amazing Sound Quality: Immerse yourself in amazing sound quality tailored for comfort. The Senya SH-37 is ideal for music enthusiasts and phone users alike.

Elevate your audio experience with extra bass, hands-free calls, and a comfortable design. Choose the variant that suits your style and order your Senya SH-37 Handsfree now for an unparalleled listening experience!


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